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What life with autism might be like

What life with autism might be like

Stanley’s mom, Rosie, is a photographer. She just published a book called “Understanding Stanley: Looking Through Autism”. Though her art, she tries to represent a start point (an entrance) from where people can come closer to what it feels like to have Autism and tries to raise awareness of the beautiful differences people need to embrace.

“Maybe people won’t always know what they are seeing. It might not be what they are expecting, but if they start at the beginning and work through they should get a feeling of what life with autism might be like.”

Read more about Rosie’s personal story and book at

How big are action like this for people with Autism?

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i really want to know what is autism and what is the reason for it and what does the word autism stand for and what is the signs in adults i really want to know those thinking thank you do much for youre help


i need help

i know a person he got autism but he he wants to get married and he seems normal but gets affected by nose and likes dark and is always qiute can he get married and how can i help him

will autism go or will it stay with him forever

can the girl live with him as a wife do you think?

i really need help

kind regards joejoe