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has anyone had a "work focused interview"

I will start With an apology to all for previously diverging from totally ataxia related subjects my excuse is I was trying to make this place not a place of doom and gloom.

Now on the subject of esa I have been placed in the group that has to attend a “work focused interview” I did not moan about it at the time as it is only a few miles to my local job center I assume that is where the interview will be but the office dealing with my claim was in Northampton and the nearest examination center is miles away and I don’t want to travel miles I suppose I answered “it varies” to often so they want to see, has anyone had one of these interviews so i know what to expect?

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Have had these type of interviews in the past,used to be a fast and efficient service offering lots of placements,training courses and Remploy placements sometimes all a bit sparse nowadays,hope they get you sorted. Voluntary work is also a good spring board towards the employment scene.