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Prisms in glasses

When my left eye became bloodshot a GP treated it as conjunctivitis. Intense pain

resulted in an early morning visit to Eye Casualty, where I was seen by a Triage Nurse.

I would advise anyone in excruciating pain to be selective regarding the information

they give at this stage. The pain was like toothache, I had to wait 4hrs to be seen

because I mentioned the GP and conjunctivitis. It was eventually diagnosed as being

a severe case of Iritis.

This has resulted in long term eye damage, causing double vision. Previously, I had

only reading glasses, now I need to wear glasses full time because a high grade prism

is built into the lense to give normal vision.

Sitting I've no problems to speak of, but walking around I feel my eyes are at odds

with the prism, the benefit I get from having it seems to be off set by the sensation

that balance is worse. So, I can either see, or balance!

Has anyone else had Iritis, if so has it resulted in any long term problems?

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I had iritis and the pain was unbearable,had to go to the emergency deptartment at the local eye clinic.

Treated with antibiotic eye drops and had to go back every day.

Now left with dry eyes and all kinds of sight problems,double vsion etc.



I once had a steroid injection into my eye! Obviously there were anaesthetic drops

beforehand but I came over all peculiar when I stood up and wasn't well for the

rest of the day. Originally I blamed the Iritis on some medication (carbamazaphine).

Double vision/prisms, so annoying but thank goodness there is a solution! This started

for me around 1998, prior to this I only had reading glasses. My mother had had

similar eye/balance problems but there isn't a genetic link according to current tests.


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