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Computer uppityness!

Isn't is great when a computer/printer doesn't co-operate?

I only know the basics, and have to seek advice from family

quite often. What surprises me is how little we know about

using each others machines. This morning I wanted to type

and print a letter, straight-forward - NO! I have windows

2007 on my laptop, I didn't enter the product key at the point

of purchase. After several phone calls to my husband, my

daughter assisting before going to work and 3hrs later -

SUCCESS! I did the letter on my husband's laptop and

hit the print key, expecting the displayed printer to respond.

Nothing happened. In the end, the letter was e-mailed to

my laptop and I printed it from there, my laptop somehow

worked with the printer. I expect the more computer literate

among you are shaking your heads, I must be the computer

version of a 'lady driver' !

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Computers and printers have a will of their own.

Take care




Try the simple one first.

Is your cable from pc to printer plugged in and printer switched on.

I would like to tell you a story to illustrate this.

Whilst working in the RAF we were trying to sort out a sick aircraft. We had tried everything changed a lot of equipment and then some one said have you checked the fuse. Everyone laughed because that is the first thing you do as it is the easiest solution. Guess!......That's what it was. Men drivers are as bad as women.


Wireyal you make me feel much better!

Basically, I need updated programming (plus tutition!) on my laptop, and my husband

(Brian) needs to connect his laptop to the printer correctly! The printer is wireless, fax

and copier. Strangely, it works fine from my laptop.

Nothing to do with the above but also of a technical nature.

On Monday evening Brian,Myself and Joanne (daughter getting married shortly) went

to a cake tasting session. It was about 10 miles from where we live, so fairly local.

Family outings of any kind are reknowned for poor planning re location of destination.

Before we left I could hear a sat nav being programmed, good so far. Running late

we piled in the car, the other two then discovered they had the wrong lead, it was

for the ipad. Never mind, they had iphones, the sat nav was partially topped up.

We set off. Before getting off our estate we heard a lorry had broken down and

there were problems on the A1, so we detoured, never a quick solution. Finally

within a mile of our destination, reception for the iphones became 'iffy'. Would anyone

ring and ask for precise directions, what do you think? Tension rising we made it!

It was a business run from home, you could have practised for a ski jump on the

access road, it was so steep and tight. Loads of twisty steps I had to be hauled

up and down, but the cake tasting was very nice, Joanne was happy and placed

and order!


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