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Living with Medicines Questionnaire

Hi all

I've been sent a link to a survey by four pharmacology students. They're doing a project as part of their Master's degree, about how people who take long-term medication manage with it. The survey is not specific to ataxia - it's open to the general public - but I thought it might be of interest to some of you.

The results will feed into the 'medicines optimisation' agenda developed by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, which is about good practice by health professionals in relation to people taking medicines. I have asked the students to tell us about their results when the study is complete, and I'll share that information here.

Here's a link to the survey, with some more info (including contact details if you want to know more about the study):

All the best,


PS It's a different survey to the Genetics Alliance one in the news section on the front page of the Ataxia UK website, just in case there's any confusion!

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Hi Ade!

Done. xB


Hi wobblybee!

That will be much appreciated :)


Hi Ade. All the best with the survey.


AdeDP, thanks for the information!...., ;o)


Done Ade


Thanks all


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