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Meniers disease

After another bout of dizziness, loud ear noise and ear stabbing pains I decided to phone my doctor. She told me that I have 'Meniers syndrome' and prescibed me 'Prochlorperazine Maleate' tablets for the dizziness.

I was told by a doctor in hospital that my dizziness (when I lie flat) is related to message signals from the cerebellum to the inner-ear, which can cause the dizziness. I now think that my cerebellum damage has been the cause of the above described symptoms?

This has been an ongoing and very annoying problem that was never fully explained to me. It really annoys me when you know there is a problem but nothing is explained to you properly!! I hate going to the doctor to be told, 'there is nothing wrong'!

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I am sorry you are having this problem, I too get very dizzy and sometimes get ear pain but not as bad as yours. Menieres Is to do with messages from the Cerebellum not working better but it isn't actually damage to the Cerebellum! My daughter has Spinocerebellar

Ataxia which is a mobility disorder that affects her whole body's balance and her Cerebellum is shrinking evident on MRI scans so that is actual damage to the Cerebellum rather than signals not working. I hope the medication helps! X


Hi Moonstonebright,

I too have Cerebellar Ataxia (cause unknown). I was diagnosed with this before I knew about Meniers. The balance disorder is also, (like your daughter) due to shrinkage of my cerebellum. Having Meniers Syndrome adds to the problem and I'm not sure if the cerebellum damage contributes to Meniers? I have always coped well with the dizziness and Tinnitus. Knowing what this is though has helped me to understand and feel a bit better. Thanks. Iain


Do you do any training ?



I've had rehabilitataion therapy at hospital Jurgen and still do excersises at home.


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