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I have "CA", I have recently applied to the social fund for a community care grant because i want to buy an adjustable bed as i have trouble getting in/out of bed and also lying in a flat position.

Today i got letter of refusal stating that its because i don't receive a qualifying benefit, because i have worked in the past and paid my dues (tax &NI) they pay me "Contributions based ESA" and they say you need to be getting "Income based" benefits.

I had a medical assessment with ATOS several months ago and they agreed with my consultant that i am not fit to work anymore, I was placed into a so called "Support group" by DWP which means i get an extra £30+ pwk Esa but it also means that i can now stay on "contributions based" Esa indefinately and i'm not bound by the usual 12 months limit which is the norm.

This means i cannot apply to the social fund for help (isn't that why they are there?), Has anybody else been refused like this? It seems they are penalising me for ever daring to work and then i dare become disabled!

Seems like DISCRIMINATION to me


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andy im a welfare rights worker call me if u want me to represent u on 01902 781120 ty


Hi Andy

I am so sorry you have had this experience with the DWP. Unfortunately you are not alone. My first contact with the them as a 'service user' was in January of this year and I have to say it was an extremely degrading experience that was nothing short of a nightmare. I suspect anyone who has first hand experience of the DWP has had a rant. I know I have on plenty more than one occasion!

My advice would be to contact the helpline at Ataxia UK on 0845 644 0606 or alternatively send an e-mail to The helpline\advocacy team would be able to advise whether you have a case to appeal to the DWP and help with this as appropriate or help you apply to other agencies/charities for funding for an adjustable bed.



My husband has had an issue with DWP over the wording of documents.I am currenly on contribution based ESA as I worked all my life as a teacher and paid all my contributions.

We applied for such a grant a year or so for a ramp to enable me to get in and out the house.A year later we are stiill waiting.I think they are hoping I snuff it in the meantime.

I have CA too. It seems the poorer or more irresponsible you are you get help but if you spend your Teacher's small pension on a ramp to get in and out the house then this is wrong too.We cant win and the govt will just take and take.

We are sitting targets.I can quite understand your rant.We feel the same. Talk about humman rights what about basic needs.


HI Andy

Have you tried contacting your local social services for an assessment? They may be able to help and refer you to a occ therapist who will come and take a look, and they may be able to offer you something to assist you. It worked for my Mum.

Just a thought!



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