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Driving licence

Just received my driving licence back after two and a half years without. I have to renew it though every three years but hey so what! At least I have it back now. My next step is to organise at least two driving lessons with a driving instructor company who have hand control equipment. I will then need to try and re-new my Motobility lease and change from a manul to an automatic transmission with converted hand controls.

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Hi I have my license I had to take a medical after informing the dvla I have not driven for years but now it would be useful do you know if the instructor you use does a kind of assessment as to weather it would be safe to start driving again without having to take a full test again I know this is not your field but you may have come across it



I have already undertaken a hand control driving assesment at a NHS driving assessment centre which was fine but I was told to undertake two lessons by a qualified driving school instructer. This is to ensure my driving abilities are safely up to scratch. I will not need to take another full driving test. Do you still have a valid licence at the moment Johnpa? If you do then I wouldn't imagine that you will need to undertake another test. I would check with the DVLA first though. Iain


Glad you have your licence back .I have mine for three years and then I can go back to the DR to get it renewed if I want to .It makes you feel a lot more independant and in control.

You can then choose when to drive and when to relinquish it.It good that you will be back driving.An automatic gave me another two years driving which was vital with a young family


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