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Symptoms Come and Go

Symptoms Come and Go

Over the last week I have had a few days - actually portions of days - where my symptoms have almost disappeared. By this I am referring to the "wobbliness" and the "bouncy" sensation I normally get when walking. At least that's how it feels to me :)

For example: I had an appointment yesterday, to see my physiotherapist at Barnet Hospital in the morning, and the bus journey and the walk was difficult, with the symptoms present as noted above.

Afterwards, as it was a lovely sunny day, I decided I would take the bus to my local park and enjoy a little sunshine. What I found was, as the time passed, my symptoms seemed to disappear and I was able to walk with almost no unsteadiness at all. (I don't believe the sunshine had anything to do with it...)

This has happened a few times now when the symptoms seem to go, but then reappear later in the day.

Anyone else experienced something similar? I am finding this rather disconcerting.

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don't be disconcerted I know from experience symptoms come and go with tiredness so if you are rested and happy you will be better


My walking and speech probs are always there but I get a lot worse in the evenings.

Don't feel tired though.



My experience is that ataxia symptoms do get worse if you are tired or put under stress. Feeling good helps. I'm sure the lovely weather helps a lot.

Take care



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