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I have been waiting for well over a year to have my license back after contacting DVLA of my condition. I think this has been a very long time waiting for the results. I have already completed a cognitive and practical test assesment at a NHS Driving Assesment Centre. This was fine but I am awaiting feedback from the DVLA medical section who will decide on my ability. I was tested using converted hand controls. Has anyone else waited this long for results? I phoned DVLA who said it would take another two weeks at least. I don't understand why its taking so long!

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  • I waited over a year for my appointment with the NHS Driving Assessment Centre but completed all the indoor and outdoor driving tests successsfully in an automatic car. I think it took a couple of months after this for me to get my new license. I know the DVLA were waiting for a report from my neurologist for a while too. Hope you get your license soon too. I am so enjoying driving again as well as some independence.

    Good Luck.

  • Thanks Lanarkian. Its reassuring that I am not the only one who has waited long. Its been two months since I received a letter from the DVLA medical section telling me that they had then received the report from my Neurologist. I'm bound to hear of the results soon. Can't wait to get driving again.

  • I was finally diagnosed with Progressive Cerebella Ataxia three years ago (It took three years before that!!

    My concern is that I have a perpetual 'mussie' head and my eye sight sometimes plays up

    Does anyone else have this together with balance problems and Virtigo and have they found exercises which help control these problems

    I am 70 years old so I certainly can't complain as unlike many of you out there I have had a very good life------and am still cheerful-----not sure my wife will agree!!!!

    Good luck to everyone

  • Hello Iain

    I wote and told DLA then I sat bàck and waited. They responded within the month giving me a full licence. I don't now drive becàuse I do not trust myself but I do miss iit.

    Tàke càre



  • Thats good Jay. I'm still waiting for the go-ahead from DVLA. Hopefully sometime this week!

  • my first ones did take a very long time. It might be that your doctors etc are not being that prompt. Hang in there.

  • Fingers crossed it won't be too much longer Ian :-) xB

  • I've had my new hand controls only drivers licence now for nearly a year now and loving it. The olny thing now is that I have problems with hand cramps which affect my driving ability. My Neuro-physio is certain the cramps are due to shoulder probs and has given me excersises to overcome this.

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