Tack cleaning

Hello everyone

As most of you will be aware I horse ride. Well I clean tack (horse equipment) once a week. With a certain lack of coordination it is difficult but not insurmountable. It takes time but I have plenty of that. Each saddle takes a long time but it is worth it. Especially when the stirrup buckles sparkle.

The household cavalry eat your heart out!!

The bridles are the worst to do, they have so many pieces. The stirrups themselves can shine.

In July the stables are holding a dressage event, so the horse equipment must look good. I will have my work cut out for the next couple of weeks.

Take cae


4 Replies

  • Think I'd prefer to trot it through the car wash.

  • Hello Iain

    Horses don't frighten me but car washes do!!

    Take care


  • Lol. Must tire you out after all that Carol.

  • Hello Iain

    It is tiring but worth it.

    Take care


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