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Changing Doctors

When I was diagnosed with Ataxia SCA6 my Doctor of 18 years was very open and Honest with me and told me he understood very little of Ataxia, and " we would be setting out on a fact finding course together" he was very willing to investigate and learn as much as he could about it , as he was also aware of my other on going Medical problems this made any new symptoms a discussion point, we had a good Doctor patient relationship.

However I moved into a sheltered Bungalow just before Christmas 2011, and changed Doctors....... On my first visit to the new Doctor I felt very awkward, even although he had my notes I felt I was under interrogation, He is a lovely Doctor but I came away feeling that he was not willing to explore Ataxia , I was told that he would learn about it as we went along, I found this strange especially when I told him that Ataxia UK would send out special packs to Doctors if they required it . Has any one else felt that their Doctor could be more receptive to gaining a further insight into their condition? Or found that changing Doctors has been as stressful ?


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That sounds hopeless!

I THINK that in theory it is your right to choose a GP and practise that you want to use as long as you are in their catchment area.

Probably, if you like the practise, why not try contacting the practise manager (I think that is what they are called) and say you met whatever this GP is called and say he was very nice but you think you would be happier seeing a female doctor? At least then you do not have to get into reasons and hopefully they might let you change?

Just a thought? Good luck with it though. You want to try to find a GP that you are happy with.

Litty : )


I have found doctors in the past to be unsupportive towards me. I did find one doctor who was very caring and willing to do the best she could for me. She has now retired and I just hope that the new doctor I saw for the first time will have the same caring attitude. Yes Razzy, changing doctors can indeed be very stressful, especially if they have little or no knowledge of ataxia.


I guess I have to be grateful that my Ataxia Neurologist will still be the same one, changing Doctors does not affect that, and we do have a very good support group.


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