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I have ataxia sc6.. Does anyone know if transatlantic flights make Ataxia and it's symptoms permanently worse?

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The last time I had a transatlantic flight was in 2017..

I had Jet Lag afterwards, and it usually takes me almost 2wks to orientate myself

But..other than that I don’t think it effected me (I’m Idiopathic)

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I have done a number of trans pacific flights and a few cruises of a similar distance. I have had SCA6 for a number of years and have the usual symptoms. While walking and fatigue is the usual issue, travel has not as yet detrimentally effected me. Recall the source of our shared problem, the cerebellum, travel beyond fatigue should not be adversely effected long term. While this is only me talking I hope this is some use.

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Hickox in reply to Kauri1

Thank you so much. It IS very helpful to hear from someone with SCA6. Warmly Hickox

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For the last forty years or so I have had numerous long haul flights. Trans Atlantic, North-South America, Trans Pacific. In 2015 on a Trans Pacific flight I developed a blood clot from deep vein thrombosis that lodged in my spine and created my lower limb ataxia. Since 2015 I have flown trans Pacific 6 times with only the normal effects of such long journeys. I do wear compression socks now on such flights.

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Hickox in reply to Cubsfan

Thanks so much for your reply. Another person mentioned compression socks and after reading your post, I will definitely order some. warmly Hickox

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I have flown Several long distance flights over the last few year with only jet lag to contend with. I always wear compression sock to try and prevent DVT I am looking forward to a 14 hour flight in just a couple of days time. Enjoy your transatlantiv flight.

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Hickox in reply to jomo50

Thank you for your prompt and helpful response. I will order some compression socks. warmly Hickox

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I am seventy eight years old and have taken a number of transatlantic flights in the years following my diagnosis, I have not experienced any ill effects. Navigating the airport itself is another matter however.

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