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Ataxia questions help

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My mom has a shrunken cerebellum shown by the MRI scanning. she has a gait but walks almost fine when stressing her legs. She has had the unbalanced issue slightly from 5 years ago and has become more unbalanced now. She has no other symptoms like slurred speech, rapid eye movements or hand tremors. She says she feels a little weak in her right hand though. My questions are, how much worse will they get. My mom thinks it's due to vitamin E deficiency but the doctor thinks it's SCA. If it's SCA, I have a 50% chance of getting it and I don't know if it's the nerves, but my legs feel a little weird and tingly. I might be experiencing anxiety but I don't know.

What are the initial symptoms?

What should I look out for since it's heridatary?

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Hello kalaganginparis, ataxia has different progressions some are very slow others are rapid. It is important to find out what type of gene to give SC number which then in most cases have medication that halts the ongoing further. The gait must not be taken lightly as falls are the main problems that can do lots of damage to bones on hard surfaces. Ataxia as different types with the common is every second generation, this you will find in one of the highest head counts. Then some SC conditions are every generation which is a low count. Three to four generation are also certain SC Type, and finally, evidence as shown further years which can be difficult meaning to search through the family tree. Hand movement eyes weakness slurring all are apart of ataxia symptoms which is why you need to find a specialised ataxia Neurologist we do have three very good professors in the UK that are exceptional. Youtube type ataxia it all unfolds on the condition you mum is going through. Hope you find the SC number which can help a lot. Take care and also your mum.

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Hello, Can you please let me know who are the best Neurologists in the UK to consult for Ataxia and if they can be seen via the NHS? Many thanks in advance!


First and foremost, your mother should get genetic testing done, if she's positive for any hereditary ataxia, you also should get genetic testing done as well as any siblings you have, to see if you inherited any disease.

Good luck!

It depends if you're mum's atraxia is degenative-most are.

Initial signs of ataxia I would say is POOR CO-ORDINATION,LOSS OF BALANCE AND FATIGUE.

but doctor knows best. Best of luck..

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