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Diet and vitb12 injections working? I’ve been following a gluten free vegan diet( Anthony Williams diet) for 4 months now and also had the first of my vit B12 injections ( payed for by myself as my levels are higher than what the nhs calls low!) and didn’t know if I was feeling much benefit and today I found I could stand on one leg for a minute! And then on the other side! ( does it sound like I’m bragging 😂!) so I’m feeling rather pleased with myself!

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So pleased for you. B12 injections work well for me too ! I self inject twice a week ...

Everyone over 50 should be able to access B12 injections as stomach acid begins to lower as we age - as do B12 levels. We need good acid levels to cleave the B12 molecules from foods in the stomach. Jarrow Methylcobalamin Lozenges from Amazon - 5000 mcg or 1000 mcg B12 also are good for topping up. Under the tongue sprays too :-)

Sadly B12 is so poorly understood at GP level as they have to work with ranges and do not look carefully at the Guidelines for B12 and folate Deficiency - Number One Guideline - is to look at the clinical symptoms ( and not just the blood test ) See link below ...

It has been suggested that a B12 result needs to be over 500 to prevent neurological damage - as suggested by Sally Pacholok in her book and film - Could if Be B12 ? See link below ... mine bumped along at around 300 for years and was always told it was fine - umm ! I am without a Terminal Ileum due to surgery where B12 is metabolised before returning to the liver. How many of us have gut issues that impair the uptake of B12 I wonder ?

Scroll down in the above link to view the list of Neurological symptoms including Ataxia. Also click onto FILMS on the MENU to see the video of Dr Carr illustrating just how serious B12 Deficiency can be/is. He was almost at deaths door before his B12 deficiency was discovered.

Keep up the good work :-)

Hi that's grate. I had one b12 injection never felt anythng so never continued I never changed my diet thow. Have you got sca. I've had it since 2006 I'm slowly getting worse my balance is terrible

I have been diagnosed with sca6. It seems that gluten can cause ataxia in some people and low vit b 12 can cause ataxia in some people so it just makes sense to me that these are things we should all look into even if our so called cause is genetic, it would be interesting to know how many injections other people had before they felt an improvement, it’s a shame you didn’t give it a bit longer before you gave up, look at MARZ reply to me it has a couple of links on it which you might find interesting. Never give up, our bodies are constantly trying to find healing 🌈🌟

Ye that's true thanx

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I have to agree ….I am diagnosed with idiopathic hereditary ataxia.

I will not give up looking for a reason and have in the last year paid for B12 injections. The improvement is noticeable and I am considering self injecting.

I have mentioned this when I have been to the Ataxia Clinic but it has been brushed to one side because other family members were also affected

I do wonder whether my other family members who had undiagnosed balance problems, actually had a B12 deficiency.

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I have booked 2 more injections but they are so expensive, I hope I can get the courage to self inject after that 😬

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