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Ataxia or not?


My wife has had lifelong epilepsy since birth. She has had 2 brain operations to remove a Hypothalamic Hamartoma and has suffered the effects of many anti convulsant drugs. I overheard on consultant mutter "Ataxia like gait." He said nothing more. Then another asked if she had problems swallowing (she does). Again nothing more was said. Then a scan showed Cerebral atrophy.

I eventually put this all together myself and it explained her loss of balance. Problems with speech, which is rather recent and now her very solemn attitude to almost everything now.

What pains me is the doctors are just ignoring it all. When she mentions the pain she gets in her left foot now they keep sending a letter from the podiatrist. It is obvious that it is the way her foot turns in when she walks placing pressure on the outside of the foot but no help is offered.

Can training and special exercises help with her walking or even some kind of insole?

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