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Post Stroke Ataxia Medication


I am the husband of a 61 year old wonderful lady who suffered a stroke 3 years ago, this has left her with severe ataxia whereby she has no mobility, her vision and speech are also affected, at present she is on medication to combat reoccurrence of stroke, it would be great to hear from anyone in a similar situation who has managed to find medications which can help with this condition.

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Hi biff bacon I am a 54 Yr old who also has bad ataxia after stroke unfortunately there is yet no meds for this, I also have mobility coordination speech when I am tired also facial palsy I am also on a number of meds for the stroke, I am on Facebook if you want to ask anything I go under vickie Podgers bulman

Biffabacon in reply to xray25

Thanks Vicky, sorry to hear you are suffering this awful condition as well, I don’t use the Facebook thingy, takes me all my time to send emails, I am always on the lookout for news about the condition and if there are any trials being commissioned, whatever I here I will post

xray25 in reply to Biffabacon

At the minute the only trials are for Frederick's ataxia have you signed up to ataxia UK they have lots of information there might also be a ataxia support group near you you can enquire on ataxia uk

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