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Non weight bearing and ataxia


I have mild late onset idiopathic cerebellum ataxia which I think has been brought on by a stressful separation and divorce after 28 years of marriage. To further add to my woes I sustained a nasty open (foot dislocated and facing the wrong way!) fracture of my left ankle recently. I am non weight bearing for six weeks and maybe partial weight bearing after that. All the YouTube videos show relatively fit people on crutches, tackling steps and stairs, but not unfit with balance issues! Any advice would be much appreciated

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I recommend visualisation of weight bearing exercises twice a day for about 20 minutes. Try to get the book You Are The Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza. It will outline the research about the benefits of visualisation.

😑 6wks ago I fell and badly sprained my ankle. Only now am I able to walk without a limp, although the ankle is still swollen. I really can’t imagine how horrible your experience has been. At the hospital, I explained about ataxia and was offered a walker, which I declined. Luckily, I already had a rollator, so that was a big help indoors. I’d sit on it and my husband would push me to the toilet 😉

So, 6wks on and I’m still struggling to a degree. The actual shock of the fall has had an impact too, it’s really knocked my confidence and (I feel) made my ataxia symptoms more challenging. But, as mobility becomes easier my mood has gradually lifted 🙂 Although I still take the stairs very gingerly, one step at a time and holding on for dear life 😉

I know many of us sit, and use our bottom to come down stairs. I couldn’t do that successfully 😏 Actually getting upstairs was extremely awkward, it took ages, with plenty stops. And, when I did arrive upstairs I was exhausted, it felt like a real work-out (but no weight loss) 😉

Be kind to yourself, think carefully before putting your foot down, try an ice pack, consider painkillers a friend and accept help when offered ((hugs)) 🙂xB

I really feel for you, as this happened to me, do you live alone? Get in touch with your doctor and ask for an O.T. to come and see you asap, I had a commode downstairs, in the living room as well as a wheelchair, get a cast cover so you can have a shower, and ask the o.t. for a bath board, I progressed in about a week to using a frame, still non weight bearing, keep your foot elevated as much as possible, good luck, you will get through this, seems to take ages, but you will.

Take care

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