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Hi iv been suffering from migraines and vertigo now for several years. Over the past 18 months iv had the added symptoms of ringing in my ears all the time. The feeling of water in my ear (left side only) same with migraines. Pain like stabbing in my ear and extreme dizziness...... Gp has tried me on anti biotics and sprays for my ears even though no signs of infection. Iv also been put on several different drugs to try and get rid of migraines..... Does this sound like meniers to anyone. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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Hi. Rachelbranch. Part of your problem sounds (no pun intended!!) like tinnitus which is the ringing or whistling sound in your ears. I have the same problem and I try my best to concentrate on something else. T V and radio on quietly help but don't really solve the problem. Unfortunatel I find that it adds to the balance problem. Sorry I can't be more helpful but I find that reading other Ataxians members experiences does make you feel less isolated and we might find someone with the same problem has some useful advise

Best wishes. Ted


Hi Rachelbranch

I think the doctor ought to sent you to the ENT, it's not fair that you should have to cope with this if it could be avoided. ENT are the experts x


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