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I supper vertigo almost 3 wks now. I consult 3 doc. And diagnose vertigo. I feel dizzines,spinning,nause and sometime cant slep. Im frm phil

My doc. Prescribe 16mg betahistne for 1 wk and i feel better but when i get exercise may head was put down to the flow suddenly i feel spinning. What should i do. I stop betahistine because my doc. Prescribe only 1 wk. Is it safe to take batahistine a moths? Any help how i cope up this sickness. Pls give some advice.

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Thank you for your post. My advice would be to go back to your doctor and explain the betahistine was helpful but having stopped it you are still symptomatic. I would then ask if you could have betahistine for longer and if not, what are the other options.

What type of ataxia do you have?

Best wishes



I take Betahistine. It takes a while to settle. I also get a touch of 'morning sickness' but with a few crackers and butter it seems to stop the nausea. Try it... Jean


I was given betahistine and ended up taking bio concept ginger capsule twice a day for the nausea it worked I came off the betahistine as incorrect diagnosis I felt a lot better for not taking them as I was getting a lot of head pressure


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