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Hello has anyone come across this US based company that has invented various simple devices that apparently stimulate neuro-pathways and help with co-ordination and balance? They recently won funding on Dragons Den USA. I have googled but can’t find much information beyond their own marketing material. The trade mark is Neuro Connect and the website is

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  • Hello Kirvine. I have accessed the Neuro Connect site and feel it could be quite a promising development - a little ray of hope! I have messaged the site asking for more information but it does specifically say that it is helpful for issues with the cerabellum. They are based in Ontario, Canada so I have asked if they would supply to UK and which of the alternative devices would be best. At first I thought it was mainly helpful for golfers but if you click on 'applications' it recommends it for Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis etc. No operations or nasty treatments so willing to give it a try.

  • Good luck. I have also messaged them!

  • 🙂 There’s been discussion about this on Click on HOME 🙂xB

  • Dear K

    You don't give the name of the company and I could not find it on the LWA she. Sad XXXN

  • Kirvine2017 thanks for that!

    I had a look last night and found site - try googling VOXXLife or voxx hpt or walking with balance

    I will try and paste link as I think everyone should see this, everyone!

    I’m going to try and place an order today.

    Thanks you to kirvine for excellent research skills there!

    B I couldn’t find any info from your link tho, but I did find lots of other v interesting and wise things there, thank you x

    Another ‘hope in me rope day’ thanks

  • Apologies. - click on CATEGORIES - scroll down to COMPLIMENTARY THERAPIES - click on JUST FOUND THIS FOR BALANCE. The post was current when I replied but of course constant traffic overtook it 🙂xB


    Click on this Neta love x

    Omg it’s exciting, thanks everyone

  • It’s the Voxx sox I mentioned?

    I’m having a zoom conference call with them at 3pm today!

    Will get all the intel I can

    Neta love just google Voxx sox Chick

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