Wanna connect?

Wanna connect?

Hi I'm Sam, 39 from Bournemouth UK. I had a Brain Tumour removed at 4 with complications, hydrocephalus (I've got a VP shunt put in at 6, revised at 19 and 33). I was also diagnosed with Acquired Cerebellar Ataxia at 27, I'm registered Severely Sight Impaired, go Swimming, Wakeboarding, Canoeing so fairly Active, rarely at home, I volunteer at the local library as a computer Buddy (Support). I live on my own in a First Floor Studio Flat. Anyway, that's me, hope I haven't scared you off - I'd love to get to know you, Sam

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  • I tend to fall into chairs too, and then I go to get up and then sit down again - inadvertently. Then try again lol. Hopefully I'm not carrying anything cos it'll end up on the floor :D you'd have thought i'd have learnt by now wouldn't you?!

  • I need that sign, a yellow light on my head would be good! I tend to fall up stairs - not down like normal people, I do everything the other way lol

  • Hi Jean I used to love riding horses too and so dearly miss it.x

  • My Dad got the Ambulance to pick the dog up once - so he said. That was in the 70's when he fell off some scaffolding. Wouldn't be allowed these days.

  • Hi. Sam

    A warm well to this CLUB. I hope you find it interesting. You are to be congratulated on how you have dealt with your many problems and what you are doing at the present. I am sure your story will help many of us especially when we are feeling down

    Very best wishes to you. Ted

  • Thank you ted

  • Hi Sam I'm Jane. Small world, you live in Bournemouth and I live in Southampton! I'm sorry to hear that you've diagnosed with ataxia too 😣 I too have first floor flat and I'm currently waiting adaptations to help me get around easier. Be lovely to meet you-when your ready of course.x

  • Hi Jane, it's nice to meet you :)

    I'd love too to Jane. Do you drive then, I don't but I'm always on the buses - when buses can drive themselves i'm gonna become a bus driver!

    Sam x

  • Hi Sam,

    Nice to meet you Sam. As I don't live in the UK I can't get to meet you although I would like to as you sound like a lovely person - not just active but also a sense of humour, I like your ambition to become a bus driver! Stay happy and keep smiling, that way people wonder what you've been up to. All the best, Barbara.

  • Hey there Sam and No you didn't scare me off it's good to see your active life inspite of health issues continue to be you take care

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