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Tailored online support: Ataxia UK Facebook groups

Hi there everyone,

This is Steph from Ataxia UK.

Ataxia UK have a few closed Facebook support groups which might be useful for people in specific circumstances to find tailored advice and support. They currently include:

- a parents for children with ataxia group

- a 16-30's group for young adults with ataxia

We will also be looking into starting a group for parents who have ataxia in the near future.

If you would like to join any of these closed groups, or would like to see a different group created, please get in touch with me at communications@ataxia.org.uk!

Many thanks and all the best,


2 Replies

Hi Steph

Could you tell me more about otvests please.why aren't they available in UK? People I have talked to (including a neurophysiotherapist ) are sceptical and it has been That the testimonials were written by people paid to write glowing reports.


Hi Steph

I would like to know more about whether the ot vests are any good or just an American hopeful idea? I have had people suggest that the glowing testimonials are from people paid to write them .The English neurophysiotherapist thatI saw said it was not the English 'approach'( i.e exercises).


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