struggling to get up stairs

Hi, I need some advice! I really need to get a stair lift, I am walking slowly with a rollar in the house but, really struggling to get up and down the stairs. can't seem to get one via an OT. My husband works, but I am unable to. I receive the relevant benefits. Has anyone got any ideas? As I'm getting increasingly frustrated. 😦

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  • Hi Carol..... because of my medical problems I had problems using the stairs.....I had A lift fitted into my house at no cost to me..... You need to contact your local social services, tell them you need to speak to someone about getting a stairlift/Lift...... if you are disabled, tell them.... they should make an appointment for someone to visit you at home if need be.....hope this is helpful, let me know how you get on. xx


  • thanks😊

  • Hi Carol if you make contact with your adult social care team via social services at your council office and ask them to give you a home assessment they have to do so. Not sure if you are alone or if you have someone to help you at home if so they should also have a carers assessment and they can get help too. All the best. You can check out these links also to see if any help available.

  • thanks I will look into that. I haven't got a social worker as my husband works.

  • Doesn't matter if your husband works. I work but hubby isn't able at moment. The assessment for financial help is based on your invoice alone. Hope they are able to help. :)

  • I rang the council and the OT came round and did an assessment of my house and they put in rails up the stairs which made all the difference. they also gave me extra step things to get out of the shower etc. However my mobility got worse and in the end the NHS gave me a powered wheelchair but I had ordered ramps but after 6 months I still could not get out of the house. because I have too much savings I did not qualify for a free service so the OT gave me the contact number for the firms they used and they came the following week and fitted the ramps and then as I had trouble getting in and out of the shower they changed the shower room to a wet room which has made all the difference. I live alone as my partner of 20 years left as he could not cope with my disability but everything is fine now so keep going ! all the best Sylviax

  • thanks, helpful advice. Sorry to hear that your partner left. Ataxia is difficult to understand unless you have it.☺

  • Hi Carol I also walk very slowly indoors using a walker. I got a stairlift but paid for it myself, my speech therapist has now informed me that the N.H.S provide them, but there's a long wait. My husband also works but is considering early retirement so he can look after me. I had most difficulty coming down the stairs and needed someone in front in case I fell. It is a life changer to me and worth every penny, I can go upstairs now without asking! My stairlift is recommended by Hilary Jones (Acorn) very safe and reliable. I only waited 3 days, it only took 1 hour to put in with no mess in fact you wouldn't know they'd been.


  • thanks ☺

  • Hi, My friend had the same problem and had to go upstairs and downstairs on his bottom and was terrified of falling down his very steep stairs(he had already had one bad fall down them). The OT were already involved with getting him various aids and they had no hesitation in offering a stairlift to be fitted. It was not free of charge and he had to pay a deposit and then he got three months free and now pays just £10 per week. It has literally been a life saver and has given him back his confidence, so please ask and keep on asking until you get the right response.

  • thanks I will keep badgering on now. probably haven't enough. carol

  • Some great tips on getting lift. To stay safe now though this might help.

    My neuro-physio really wants me to use our stairs for as long as possible. We have 2 rails, which is easier (Dad had OT fit one quite quickly). I go up slowly one step at a time. 2 steps from top I get on floor and either get up using post and door or crawl to bed. Going down is reverse process (literally). Get on floor to do top 2 steps. Stay facing stairs and go one at a time backward (much less scary and safer).

    Hope this helps x

  • thanks, my physio gave similar advice to keep up strength in my legs, although hard work it does help in the long term.But it has come the time that I do need to get a stair lift. ☺

  • I understand fully. We have a downstair's shower ready x

  • My local council paid for stair lift after I filled in Facilities Grant form (not NHS), which was means tested. Which is why the above have mixed results. Each Facilities Grant has different criteria. Fill in the form to see what transpires. Also got wet room with seated shower and ramp with Facilities Grants. Your savings can ruin Facilities Grant. Friend did not reveal their savings.

    Facilities Grant letter stated how much would be repaid on a sliding scale if I sold the house, within 1,2,3,4,5 .. 10 years if the item cost more than £5000. Each item cost less than £5000, so repayment does not apply. Wet room £3300, stair lift £1300.

    Nowadays Facilities Grant has changed. Less form filling, just permission to do the work. To get free stair lift, it was an OT recommendation. Council manage the work. Independent company fit the stair lift. The first 2 years warranty by fitter, after that fitting company will contact asking for a maintenance contract.

    An alternative to a stair lift is to move downstairs. Toilet, bedroom, downstairs.

    Stair lift seat and arms fold out of the way for others to use stairs. Took less than one work day to fit. With seated shower and stair lift both made my life easier. As an ataxia sufferer things will get worse. So get these helping items before you really need them. My stair lift works in a power cut as battery powered. There is also a hand crank and separate remote controls at either end to summon chair if needed.

    Whole process took 11 weeks. Delays were OT initial visit and Facilities Grant assessment.

    OT will advise you what is available. There will be things you have not thought about.

    Sister found an article in Sunday paper. Many people move house within 10 months of getting stair lift. So look at moving to a bungalow.

  • thanks for your advice,very helpful ☺

  • I would recommend a stairlift although agree with folk that one should keep

    going as long as one can.Our social services did not offer any financial help.

    We did a lot of research,prices varied such a lot and I agree several people

    we know and sadly for various reasons used them very little,so we bought

    a reconditioned one 4 years ago Good luck.

  • Thanks for the advice from everyone,it's given me a few new ideas & avenues to explore.

    Carol x

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