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Exceptional Mercy at the Old Vic

Exceptional Mercy at the Old Vic

The Old Vic Theatre is performing a reading of Exceptional Mercy on Tuesday 20th June at 1pm. Exceptional Mercy follows the case of Jay Ricardo-Marsh, who has Friedreich’s ataxia, and is convicted of a crime but finds the justice system woefully ill-equipped to care for his needs. Exceptional Mercy is based on a true story and uncovers a family’s fight for justice. Writer Rebecca Crookshank worked in conjunction with Ataxia UK Research Officer Julie Vallotigara and myself to create a truthful onstage portrayal of ataxia. This production also marks a milestone for disability within the arts due to The Old Vic being renovated both onstage and backstage to accommodate a lead actor in a wheelchair. Ataxia UK only has 10 free tickets for Exceptional Mercy remaining available for Friends of Ataxia UK!

More information can be found on the events page of Ataxia UK's website:

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Hi folks, You are most welcome to come to Exceptional Mercy. It's free. At this stage it's probably easiest if you book directly with The Old Vic through their website which is Hope to see you there.


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