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ESA Assessment

Hi, Just an update on my previous post regarding ESA Assessment. My friend went for his assessment yesterday, even though the week before he had received a letter from DWP saying he was entitled to the enhanced rate of ESA. He rang to make sure he still had to go for assessment and they said yes he did. When we got there he was kept waiting for an hour after his appointment time, and got very agitated. They did apologise and asked if we wanted to make another appointment for another day. We agreed to wait as he had booked a downstairs room for the interview and this seemed to be the problem (most assessments done on floor five of the building). The doctor he saw was very good and just asked a few questions about what he could and could not do. He then did a few strength tests on him, but acknowledged the fact that he could not walk far or sit for long periods. He said he agreed that my friend was not fit to work and he would send his report to the necessary parties. He did say they would send a letter explaining this, so we shall have to wait and see. Hope this might help anyone else waiting for an assessment.

Keep up the good work and total support that these forums offer. You all deserve a medal for what life has thrown at you and how you all cope with it.

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