Coping with Scoliosis?

I have been diagnosed with Friedreich's Ataxia, well in 1982!!! Now I am fairly progressed, in a w/c 24/7, got a raisable bed with vertical lift, just use the'Sam Hall turner' . Am trying 2 'hang onto' this at least. I recently had a major upheaval and moved ' 2 Merseyside, 2 live near my youngest of 2 daughters. Now my eating, eyesight and co-ordination have got worse and my scoliosis' has got bad, affecting my seating position, especially when I sit for a while at my computer. I get a pain in my ribs on the RH side. How do you cope? Got any tips?

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  • Hi,

    can I ask if you have any postural support in your wheelchair? If not then ask your GP to refer you to the wheelchair service for a postural review. Tell them all the functional things you need to do from your wheelchair and how you transfer etc. You need to find out if your scoliosis is 'fixed' or 'flexible' so that it can either be corrected to a good pain free position or accommodated to stop it leaning more - this will then help you to sit better and more comfortably at your computer. You might also benefit from a review of your computer set up - to make sure it is in the best position. Ask the wheelchair service if social services do 'ergonomic' reviews.

    All the best


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