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Hello All

I'm new to this and thought I'd share my experiences.

I'm 63 and was diagnosed with Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia 6 or 7 years ago although with hindsight I've had many symptoms for a long time before that. The term sporadic is used because no underlying cause has been identified. I was doing quite well with the aid of my 4 wheel walker for outside but on Easter Sunday I fell over in the street seems because I'd dislocated my right ankle and also broken it both sides quite badly.

I've had two plaster casts and an air boot which I can't weight bear without but I go to the fracture clinic tomorrow and maybe they'll say I can go without it at home. Keep fingers crossed for me.

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Hi🙂 I do hope you get good news tomorrow👍 My own symptoms were apparent for a number of years before diagnosis 😏 The general feeling is it's genetic but the exact type remains elusive😏 xB

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Hi Bee, I love you're posts, so friendly and well wishing.....and plenty of emojis, a ray of sunshine..... 🌞


😊you are very kind Sir 😉xB


I hope you are feeling a bit easier. I find the whole neuro thing a minefield. I was investigated 4 years ago for widespread pins and needles, pain and slight balance issues. My neuro at the time could give me no explanation and dismissed me. I think she thought it overanxiety issues. My symptoms have progressed, intention tremors in both arms and real balance issues, eespecially on left side. I am in a new area now with a different neurologist who seems to be investigating properly, Perhaps there won't be an answer but I feel I am being taken seriously.


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