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Advice/Info Part 2

Sorry its taken so long to reply. Re 'vest' the web site is www. OTvest.com everything you need to know is explained there. As for me, the first time I put it on I found it very heavy where the weights are across the shoulders and could only wear it for about 15 mins. I then walked without the rollator around my living room, and I think I felt OK. I certainly didnt 'wobble' or fall over but as I said it was heavy and I took it off with relief.At the moment I'm having back pain so I don't think I will try it again until the back gets stronger and there is more support. I've not given up,I think its all about getting used to the whole sensation of wearing it, similarly to suddenly having to wear a neck brace or something like that. Hope this helps

Best wishes to everyone ( just remembered you have to pay customs £30)

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