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Mediotech Thera Trainer

Hi, my son has Friedreich's Ataxia and is looking to buy a Mediotech Thera Trainer, and exercise bike accessed from a wheelchair. Does anyone have any experience of these machines? I would guess that they should be beneficial as they 'can perform motor-operated (passive), motor-assisted or active movement exercise'. But would be interested of other users experience.

Kind regards,


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How exciting!

Unfortunately I do not have much first hand experience but a very good friend of mine swears by the benefits of forced exercise and here is her blog that may help


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Thanks Litty. My son gets very single minded about things and will probably go ahead and purchase one of these, but your friend's positivity tends to confirm their benefits.

kind regards, Adrian

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I am sure it will be great and can only help : )


Wow lady kitty!

You are always so helpful and kind, I personally have just been blown away by your friends blog. Katilea is an inspiration and a total legend. Her life story, her bravery, tenacity and amazing technology skills were humbling to say the least.. her love and care for her beautiful dog Inca is so touching as well, what a fabulous team they make. What an amazing woman all round ! She has also give me some great ideas for exercise and rehabilitation.

Thank you so much for posting her link, it really has been a joy and inspiration to read, especially today as my son gave me the Novavirus, so i've been throwing up all night and feeling a bit sorry for myself!

Thank you lovely Litty and vicariously, thank you Katilea and Inca


When ever I am having a bad day I think of Kati. She has just started colouring very well!! Inca's replacement is a rather lovely collie x


Have you met the wonder dog ?! You must feel so blessed having such an inspirational friend. It put things into perspective when I read her posts. Thank you Lady litty for sharing.


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