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Recovering H advice I found from a year ago - makes perfect sense to me

"The reason he falls after progress is because the networks in the brain look for a pathway to use from memory, if that one is not available, he has to grow another link to it. He will then use this network for a few weeks if conditions stay the same. Then another environmental factor like wind, hills, uneven surface, excessive noise, sunshine, temperature, will enter into the 'walking mode' and his brain network has to use another circuit which may be found to be broken. Keep at it, eventually all the basic environmental possibilities will be regrown and he will gain confidence. If he gets headaches, that's a sure sign he is making progress in my experience.

If he is not getting headaches, he may be vitamin deficient, and the body just maintains the status quo of accepting broken brain connections having to divert brain pathways all the time, which is very tiring. Much better to try to regrow them back as a long term solution. The body draws from stored vitamins when injured so replenishment during this early phase is a priority. Vit B12 is not stored and if deficient will cause tremors. Food is one source but adding in supplements supports recovery.

Muscle activity - Biocare Magnesium EAP complex -- 90 Caps - 3 p/day w meals

Nerves Regrow (Vit B6, B12)- American Biologics Ultra NeuroRecovery - 90 Caps - 3 p/day

Brain lubrication (fish oil) - Biocare Mega E.P.A. -- 90 Capsules 2 p/day brkfst/dinner

Tired, Weak, Depressed (Vit D) - Immiflex -- 90 Capsules 1 p/day

Seizures are caused by a Vit 6 deficiency which the NeuroRecovery formula addresses.

If he is not on other medication, check with your doctor first, try the above for a month and see how you go. These were recommended to me by a doctor in my early recovery of fatigue, inflammation (gut problems), headaches, balance, tremors and muscle tics.

Magnesium is vital for us because it is used in over 300 biochemical reactions in the body including being required for nerve impulse transmission and turning off the contraction of a muscle fiber. Due to it's role in regulating muscle activity, magnesium is a big one for a heart that works correctly.

Make sure he gets as much continuous sleep hours at night as this is when the brain does its clever healing bit. Personally I saw better results when I did 15 mins of activity in morning (walk, swinging arms stood or sat still) and in the afternoon. The best days were when I didn't take a nap in the day but forced myself to stay awake, with headaches (try fresh air and water before headache pill) and then I got deeper sleep at night."

Thank you to recoveringH whom ever she is x

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wow thats a lot to take in but worth every thought that created it thanks .. thinking on creating a daily pill regime, working out daily seems to help as do being busy but really a great find and thank you.


I found it helpful, so I thought others might do too and very glad to hear that you did! Whoever 'recovery H" is, did a great job and I wish that they were still posting…

Good luck to us all, one day at a time eh ?


So true there M, one day at a time, that said that's pretty much been my mantra so far, sure T has thrown me some curve balls i think less than others around here so i do count my blessings, that and work is a great distraction for the T - and i say it a million times but getting regular sleep now and before being grumpy was something i really didnt like being, so just going with the flow, how you keeping then Mermaid i hope ok too.