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Ataxia, Diabetes and Trehalose

I was diagnosed with Diabetes about two years before being diagnosed with Ataxia. (You live a healthy life and then two critical conditions arrive, a bit like buses!). I manage to cope with both conditions but I do find that the early symptoms of low blood sugar (hypo) can be confused with a bad day with Ataxia i.e.:- unsteadiness and a general feeling of not being quite with it. Does any one else with both conditions have a similar problem?

Also, I would like to try trehalose but it is a form of sugar and I have been sugar free for 25 years. I have searched various articles but there is never a mention of diabetes other than it is absorbed slowly into the blood, so it may be alright. Can any one shed some light on this? ~ Bob

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I gave up sugar in the sixties, and am using trahalose ,I don't use the full amount that I am supposed to ,so it is far too early to say whether it is working or not , however I do quite a lot of exercise which is generally getting easier .I have substituted honey on my breakfast with trahalose


Hi😊 I don't have Diabetes myself but I'm involved with care of an elderly relative who has the condition, so I'm aware of how much care has to be taken re food.

I spoke to Diabetes UK, and asked if they had any comment re Diabetes and TREHALOSE

I was told it is classed as a 'sugar' and therefore will raise blood glucose levels. They advise Diabetics to use a sweetener as an alternative.

Your description of a bad day with ataxia being comparable with low blood sugar, is something I've often thought myself 🤔 although I haven't been tested for Diabetes.

For peace of mind, it might be a good idea to speak to your Diabetic Clinic/Nurse, before making a decision about this🙂xB

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Trehalose is safe for diabetics. Ask a doctor. 98% of trehalose passes through the body undigested because it is only digestible in the small intestine where an enzyme called trehalase exists.

You can find a graph of blood glucose levels from trehalose ingestion here:


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