Spillnot mug holder

I have just yesterday received the above from the US (it is very expensive in the UK for some reason) and just wanted to share how brilliant it is. For the first time in years I took a cup of coffee from the kitchen to the lounge without spilling a drop. I have purchased cups with lids in the past, but the beverage never tastes as good as my favourite mug! The Spillnot solves this. It is a cup or mug holder that prevents spills, but you need to go to the site really, I cannot explain it sufficiently.


I of course have no connection with this company, either financial or otherwise.


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  • I'm so gonna get one

  • I have seen it on Amazon and yes they are so expensive here. I did wonder if it would work, but now I know. Thanks 😊

  • Just got one. It really works

  • Where did u order it from in the US and how much was shipping?

  • I have a sister-in-law in the US and she ordered from Amazon. The shipping was less than $5.

  • I have emailed the manufacturer, and he has advised that if we buy direct from him at thespillnot.com it will cost , $14.95 USD + shipping $13.95 USD

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