Hiya-I'm a tad confused-any help/clarification gratefully received. I had an MRI scan about 3 years ago-it showed cerebellar atrophy-and was diagnosed with cerebellar ataxia-genetic tests at Sheffield showed I have SPG7. But I don't know if SPG7 is a form of Ataxia, or if my lack of balance is a symptom of SPG7-different websites say different things

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  • Hi Brian124

    Thank you for your question. I completely understand your confusion. Having been involved in the production of the Ataxia Medical Guidelines at Ataxia UK I understand SPG7 to be a form of Ataxia. I have attached a link to these guidelines (which are available on Ataxia UK's website) and would particularly refer you to page 16.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you

  • hi, me to, am so very confused, neurologist first said i had mild? cerrebellar ataxia and now says sensory ataxia, also have b12 deficiancy? has anyone got any advice for me please? My balance is poor but my speech is not affected at all. Sorry I cant give you any advice, am the same as you, I trawl the net looking for help.


  • Hi I was diagnosed about five years ago. My neurologist said it was spinocerebellar ataxia now saying its ataxia with apraxia type 2. I'm still getting to grips with it. I find that doing exercises helps a lot with my balance and as for b12 maybe you could try b12 supplements. Hope this helps. :)

  • Thanks

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