just thought I share my progress with you.

On Friday evening I actually managed to dance without falling over :). Even if it was my strange style of dancing;).

I danced to several songs which was really enjoyable. I did overdo it and had terrible pain and migraines afterwards but never mind.

I have been working regularly with a balance machine at the physio for over 6 months now and there are definitely major improvements.

I thoroughly recommend anyone who can find access to professional with a balance machine to try it. The machine is like video games but controlling with pressures from your feet.

maybe using a wii balance programme with the back of a chair in front of you would be good if you can't find a professional with one

good luck everyone

Alison xx

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  • what kind of balance machine?

  • the balance machine is at the physiotherapist. Really expensive piece of equipment so not something we could buy and have at home. It involves playing very simple games where you control the movement on the screen with pressure on different parts of your feet.

    prob the nearest equivalent would be a wii balance. But remember to put the chair or something in front of you so that you don't fall over...

    good luck

  • I never heard of a balance machine. What is it? Thanks for sharing.... N

  • look at reply to theresahongs xx

  • Well done. I would love to know more about this balance machine.

  • Hi Margaret😊 Google balance machine for physical therapy, there are various links 🙂xB

  • look at reply theresahongs xxx

  • I want one, the idea to dance makes me feel happy, I use a cross country walker thing, I call it a thing because no idea what it's meant to be called but although it can really hurt all exercise in its own way makes me feel better. since this time last year I have regained use of both hands and although my walking is far from great I have the strength in my legs again, in fact lets all go dancing, anyone around in SE18 who wants to have a go?

  • Thanks for this info. I am going to see about using the Wii balance programme

  • go for it . . . Good luck xx

  • useful post. I did something some years ago called Latin in line so you did the dance but it was modified by the teacher- it was at the local Adult Ed class and there were people who had strokes and and others with no health problems so these things do exist- it is lovely for the social side as well as the music and movement bit so I am happy to hear it has helped you all the best Sylvia

  • that sounds like such a wonderful activity to do xx

  • Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well done with the dancing. I know what you mean about strange style. I hold onto my husband as this helps. I will try the Wii balance. Thanks and good luck with the dancing!

  • Hi Alison. I googled the balance machine and it looks like a very useful tool-in fact I reckon it should be a standard exercise tool for ataxia physiotherapy. Would you mind telling me where your physiotherapist works (is he/she attached to a hospital?) and how you got referred to him/her? I live in Bedfordshire and I have previously been referred to a Community Rehabilitation Service where they send a physio to your house. Having someone visit you is more convenient than going to a gym but it means you can't take advantage of the latest equipment and I can't say I have found seeing this visiting physiotherapist very useful.

  • my reply won't be very helpful as I live in sw France. I go to the physiotherapist cabinet twice a week for one hour sessions. This machine is brilliant. In France I have the right to a medical taxi to go to and from my sessions. I don't drive anymore.

    I know even here if the therapist visits you at home then you have much shorter sessions and obviously no equipment:(

    I can't give you any advice for the UK but prob someone else can. Maybe better to post a separate post

    good luck xx

  • Thanks. Sounds like they have better health care in France!

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