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My walking stick and I (and my kilt of course!) have just walked 108km in the last 8 days. And, this morning, I had my first glimpse of Barcelona on this walk (I've got a few milestones/targets as I head south to Gibraltar - and Barcelona is the first of these).


You can follow my walk between Girona and Gibraltar on Facebook - search for "GlobalWalkForAtaxia)


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Dear Lain,

All the best for your walk, that is absolutely wonderfull. I will certainly folllow yor walk on facebook.

Best wishes


I hope you're wearing comfy shoes and high factor sun protection 😉 Enjoy 😊👍 xB

Iain_100 in reply to wobblybee

I've actually quite taken to walking at night B. It's MUCH cooler, and almost traffic-free. Which means I can walk on more direct roads. When there IS traffic, I can see the lights from miles away - so have lots of time to get off of the road. Once I get going, all is reasonably OK. It's only up/down movements, and maneuevering, that causes any real trouble. Which is why it's easier on roads :)


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