Necklace clasps

They've never been the easiest of things but I put one on last week for the first time in a while and it was near impossible!

How do others deal with them? I'm thinking of getting some toggle (bar and circle) fasteners and attaching them somehow to the current clasps as I think I'll be able to do them up okay, unless anyone has any other suggestions?

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  • Hi Becca

    I had/have the same problem. I bought some magnetic clasps from Amazon. They are quite fiddly to attach (I ask someone to attach them to the necklace for me) but they make life a lot easier!

    Go to the following link...

    I hope this helps!


  • Hi Harriet,

    I've seen the magnetic ones too but was worried about how strong they are? If you catch the chain on your finger or something do they stay done up?

    I think I'll be able to attach them to my chains myself if it's in front of me not behind my head!



  • Hi Becca

    I have never had a problem with the strength of them. I guess if you do catch the chain with a finger or something and they separate you can just put it back on. I find them easy to use once they are attached to the chain.


  • Friend uses t-bar / circle on necklaces and finds this ok. Not great some days but mostly ok. Her favourite is a sort of rigid silve necklace that just has a sort of hook on each side that just lock onto each other that is really secure and really easy to fasten. Think it would only work on that particular rigid type of necklace though.

    She struggles with ear rings a lot. Can't cope with clip ons, has always used pierced ear rings. Any ideas? Has got straight line, looped and Spring fastening loops but gets frustrated with all of them. I have to help getting these in which isn't easy for her either, and sometimes painful!

  • Afraid I can't help with earings, only taken mine out for mri's and xrays for the last couple of years otherwise they just stay put but it's always fiddly!

  • You can get magnetic clasps

  • I too find it really hard and I need help if someone around. A friend gave me a magnetic clasp and it was much easier. I try to use longer necklaces and put them over my head fastened. Earrings are a nightmare so I tend to have a pair of studs that I keep in most of the time : )

  • Hi, I love wearing jewellery and have tried magnetic clasps but lost the jewellery because when they get caught in clothing or coats or scarves, they come off.

    I have started using head size necklaces, so I can slip them over my head. I also use elasticated bangles as they are easy to slip on. If I have a smaller necklace then I change some part of it to elasticated thread. You can get elasticated thread on eBay.

    For earings, I loose the slip ons and use hinged clip as they go easily in my earhole and the clip keeps them in place.

    Hope this helps.

  • Something else I struggle with are bra hooks🙄 Arthritic fingers don't help😏 xB

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