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Forgetting things

Hi I'm just after some advise please I've had cerebral ataxia since I was 19 am now 34.

Just recently my partner had noticed I'm getting more forgetful as in asking the same questions repeatedly n forgetting I've already asked them and forgetting where I've put things. But the other day I was wiping the sides when I picked a candle with melted hot was in and I had forgot I had lit it not 10 mins before so obviously I ended up throwing hot wax everywhere.does anyone else notice this and could it be associated with the ataxia x

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I have C.A. I can very much relate to what you are saying, the simplest things to remember I forget, like my families names were I have to think hard, and also tasks I done a few moments ago, I forget. The list can go on. Also my depression has also worsened. I think I should also be referred to an Ataxia center, but I understand there are only three in the country.

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Hi Loubie😊

I sometimes catch myself doing something similar, no sooner have I been given the answer to a question than I forget it, and have the urge to ask again. I know I'm doing it but the answer just didn't register, my mind was away somewhere else. Actually, I notice very little seems to register and it's worrying.

The candle incident must have pulled you up with a start. It's only when things like that happen that you realise how much SCA has actually changed you.

These days I no longer have a grasp even on my personal possessions, clothes etc. I can come across items I have little recollection of having bought. This would be a nice surprise if the thing in question actually still fitted😏 At one time I remembered every pair of earrings I owned, and where I bought them! 😊xB


Hi i have cerebellarAtaxia and have always been told by Oxford Hospital that it does not affect memory but i think your type of Ataxia is different to mine as yours began when you were young and my type of Ataxia tends to begin more at middle it's possibly different when it comes to memory....

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hi Loubie,

I also have terrible memory problems. I drive my family crazy. I ask the same questions and I really can't remember the answers.

I complimented a friend several times on his new pond until he said it had been there for 3 years and I thought it was new every time I visited. As he told me that, I now can remember it lol

when I did some internet research I found there are a few types of cerebral ataxia with dementia (very few tho).

I had memory tests done when I was in the rehabilitation centre. The results showed my memory is not good but I don't have the dementia association. The doctor told me that because we have to use our concentration for things other people di automatically basically our brain is tired and so can't concentrate on everything else too.

obviously the more we do repetitive excercise then the action will slowly become more automatic and maybe free our brains a little for remembering things.

hey at least lots of things seem new and exciting even if we only did them yesterday lol

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Hi Loubie , I went to see my neuroligist doctor the other day and I spoke to her about my memory , forgetting things asking questions over and over ( sorry I have SCA genetic ) She said its down to some of the tablets I take they effect the memory when you have been taking them for a long time . So I am going to do my best and wean myself off some of them at least . x


I regularly find myself throwing cutlery in the bin, opening a cupboard to put the milk away, and more...

It's really frustrating. I don't know if this is a symptom of Ataxia or not, but I do know it really bothers me. I usually catch myself in time, but I have to wonder about the other times when I didn't catch myself - and will never know.


I lose things I only put down moment earlier, I also now can not multitask like I used to be able to. I also forget appointments ALL the time.


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