I'm new to health unlocked so thought I'd say a little about myself.

I was diagnosed with cerebellar syndrome in Feb.this year and am quite wobbly when on uneven ground.

I am quite lucky in that I can get around with the help of my stick and my family.

My specialist is trying to find the cause of my ataxia. GO is so far not offering much support but this may be due to lack of knowledge .

Indigestion after every meal is a pain. Is this a common symptom of my illness? Does anyone have similar experience?

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  • I used to suffer with this and heartburn as well. The general advice is to not eat spicy foods, but I found eating fat brought on the symptoms, and specially for me at night. Loosing a bit of weight too helped. Not sure if this was pre Ataxia symptoms, if other people suffer with indigestion as well... interested in seeing any further replies. (Which I hope are more helpful for you.)

  • Hi i have a rare form of spastic ataxia and I started with severe reflux at the same time as my other symptoms started so it must be linked. I'm vegetarian and eat very healthy but it was still bad so now I take one tablet a day of omeprazole prescribed by my gp which stopped it immediately!

  • Thank you for your reply. I am not over weight and eat very healthily,even going gluten free to see if that could be answer.

    Will make app. With GO to see if she has remedy.Thanks again for answering.

  • hi, I have digestive problems now. Been about 3 years now. I was diagnosed in 2010. Could be linked to ataxia, but as they don't know what type or what gene of ataxia I have no doctors can say for sure.

    I have a lot of wind, both ends! And sometimes I have pain in my intestines. I personally thinks they spasm but nobody knows yet.

  • There seems to be such a lot of unknowns with this type of illness.

    I Wish you well and hope the wind improves.

  • thanks. I think my family hope the wind improves too 😂 😊

  • I have reflux now (before ataxia didn't) and cough a lot. Like others have already said, don't know if it's related to my ataxia, but I suspect so. There's so much unknown with ataxia. I was diagnosed with my ataxia twelve years ago, but had very minor symptoms starting about eight years before diagnosis. Right now I take Prilosec for 31 days and then off for 4 months and so on. It definitely stops the reflux, although I don't have discomfort in my gut.

  • Thanks for your reply. I got letter from neurologist to say my lumbar puncture was clear and genetic testing was also negative.I think he's trying to rule everything else out before confirming my ataxia is related to msa which details Indigestion as one of the symptoms that can go wrong in the autonomic system.Leaves me quite worried!! Was looking forward to my glass of wine.Two sips in and the Indigestion is back.Oh well!

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