Being living on my own,  my wife hospitalized and desperate for company i am in early stages of owning a Labrador puppy.  I have Spinal Cerebellar Ataxia.  It was a hard decision to own a dog,  if i try more to control my symptoms perhaps i will be able enjoy life more and the dog.  I will get objections,  I still don't know whether this decision is right,  but right now i am enjoying life a little more with my puppy,  Holly.  

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  • Yes, Holly will become your best friend and she will love and accept you unconditionally!  It's a wonderful feeling, surely a win-win situation because both parties reap benefits from having loyalty & companionship, which is so very beautiful and desperately needed to keep us grounded!  I find that caring for a dog is refreshing as it gives me some responsibility and control in a way, if that makes sense?  Also, as Holly grows, she'll be instinctively tuned in to her master's ways and limitations.  Enjoy your pet and the very best of luck to you! 

  • You don't know what your reply means to me,   Thx

  • Dear Derrick,

    I hope your wife gets better soon. You have every right to enjoy the love that a pet can bring! Holly will encourage you to keep active as well which is the main thing with ataxia. 

    All the best!!!

  • Hi Derrick😊

    We recently gave a home to a cat.  She had been living outdoors for a year in someone's garden and the outlook wasn't good.  The person looking after her told us the cat ( Kitty) was about 2yrs old.  Our vet said that judging by her teeth, Kitty was actually nearer 12yrs old!

    Kitty has turned out to be well house trained, and very loving 😊 I was torn as to whether it was a good idea, I'm sure you know what I mean.  But like you I spend a lot of time on my own, it's good to have a companion and not focus totally on myself😊xB

  • Dear Derrick

    My doggy friends "love" me because I take their dogs for long walks and have them over to dog sit them when on holiday... my neighbour also benefits by my living next door!   I can't explain to my friends in words, but the "dog sitting" has so many health benefits for me:- meeting others, talking to them, the exercising little or a bit more; sunshine and fresh air, planning trips/walks; new places, back pack lunches for the dogs and I, company, grooming and best of all a little warm furry ball of trouble/fun/enjoyment to care for.   I wait for the day when I get one of my own!  But that dog will have to get on with Fudge, Bobby, Gus, Lola, et al!  Tall order!! 

    I hope that your wife is comfortable and looked after, maybe she will come home (?) and love and hugs to you and your canine companion.... whoops, did I just give you a hug!  (Blush).      (Dogs will make you laugh more!!!!)

  • Thank-you that means so much.

  • I have an 8 month old puppy n it's the best thing I did xx

  • Hi, i'm Ali and have the same condition as yourself. It's quite simple, you have made a great decision, I have had dogs all my adult life and they make my life whole. I have always said 'I need my dogs more than they need me', they are not the most highly trained but there is not a bad bone in their body. They make me smile every day and bring me such joy. They make my house dusty and spray mud on the walls but my house is a home, they dig up plants and have chewed things as puppies, but more fool me for leaving things around. I could not live without my girls (two golden retrievers), my husband always jokes they he is 3rd on my list of affection, it is difficult to deny. Top tip, buy a great hoover (you,ll need it). Best of luck to you and enjoy your new best friend. Ali x

  • Thank-you your reply means so much.

  • Dear Derrick, A dog loves you unconditionally! Congrats on getting Holly (cute name) and enjoy! Also, I hope your wife gets better and is able to come home eventually. My best to you...,;o)

  • I wish I liked dogs but I was always taught to cross the road upon seeing one. Wah wah N

  • You go for it! 

    Im about to get a Burmese kitten for exactly the same reasons. Pets are a wonderful comfort and seem to know how to adapt to their owners conditions. I bet youll make friends out on walks as well. And get help with walking her if need be. 

    She will be a delight and joy to you, and will read you like a book! Lol! 

    Keep us posted! 

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