Weight gain and exercise

My dilemma is I've had a dog for 14.5 years and I unfortunately lost him last April. I am now on long term sick stuck in as am afraid to go out on my own and piling the weight on. Ideal fix get a new dog 1 for company and 2 for exercise however being on long term sick and unsure about whether we can stay in our house if I lose my job how can I commit to a dog??????

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  • Hi anihol😊

    I can understand how you feel after the loss of a much loved pet😊

    Consider how you would manage walking a dog, and how much exercise it might need. Also, bending numerous times a day to feed it, and coping with toileting issues during walks. Plus food and vets fees, then there's Boarding Kennels if you go on holiday. I know only too well how your heart can rule your head in these matters😏

    Having recently taken in an additional cat, I'm the last person who should give advice on the practicalities. My own situation makes it hazardous bending to feed and clean litter trays😁 But, weigh up the pros and cons first. Keep yourself safe😊xB

  • Hi, just a thought but could you offer to walk a neighbours dog? Or advertise a local dog walking service? This may allow you to help someone who is working without enough to time on their hands, without the responsibility of having your own dog. Maybe something to think about. X

  • What a good idea😊xB

  • Hi Anihol ☺ Sorry about your best friend - sorry 😢 Um in Australia in NSW we have this thing called Freinds of the Pound - you foster a dog for them (they usually don't take it back) they pay for food and vet bills, you have to supply a loving and secure environment - does the UK have the same??

  • Sorry I didn't explain myself very well - it is a "Foster" program for animals - completely charity based ☺

  • I don't think so but will check into this

  • Thanks

  • Cool - I know I take forever - I will ask them on the weekend ☺

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