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Derek here and I have Cerrabellar Ataxia and HSP (Heriditary Spastic Paraplegia)

I'm a member of the Ataxia UK West of Scotland Branch and we have regular meetings in Glasgow (next one is 10/4/16) where we can discuss issues affecting as in a friendly environment.

Everyone is welcome and if you wish to join us please feel free to e-mail us at



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  • I wish they start group talks in Louisiana 

  • Hi Meca😊

    You could contact your nearest group, and ask if they had other people near you looking for information😊  You never know what can turn up.  A friendly phone call can make all the difference 😊

    Check Support Groups on 😊xB

  • Hello Derek,  Yes, so nice to hear that someone else (albeit on the other side of the globe) has a mix of hereditary cerebellar ataxia and HSP!  Do the other folks in your support group have a mix, too? 

  • Hi clmr,

    many of our group members have unique issues so as far as I'm aware I am the only one to have this combination.

    I hadn't heard of Ataxa until it effected me and had never heard of HSP until now

    The silver cloud is I quess I could compete in the Paralympics (assuming I was any good at any sport)



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