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Walking Sticks and back aches

I have no idea why I but this "post" landed up in The Haven, a breast cancer site. I do no have that disease. Thank God. I have been trying to get off that site while keeping my affiliation here.

I am a CA sufferer since 2010 (official); 2007 (unofficial or before) and I have 2 questions:

Is my lower back aching because of too much sitting or because of a fall?

Anyone have/use the Nordic walking sticks?

Thanks. L, N

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I know that the more exercise I do the better I am.

I am on a frame now but I used to use one pole and then two. You need to have them quite extended and hold wherever appropriate along the length of the pole to suite the ground. They are great because they keep you upright and stop you stooping. Hope this helps : )


Thanks so much Litty. The man who sells the poles, has been trying to convince me that one is enough.But I feel like two makes more sense.No?


Buy 2 and see which is better for you and you will always have another for later. You do move quicker on rough ground with 2 : )


Dear "Litty"

No idea if I answered you. But thanks much for your sage advice. N



I know if I have had a day of sitting lots and not much walking then I have many more aches and pains. (There has been quite a few recently due the very high winds and rain!) I use just one walking stick to help with walking outside ( and the arm of my supportive man if he is around) and don't think that causes me to have more pain. I haven't tried Nordic walking poles but if you do and find them useful post here please. Heather


Okay.I will. Thanks for responding.


I bought a cheap pair of walking poles, £3.00 each! I used them to retrain my gait. I now only use them if I'm planning a long walk or going over rough ground. They helped me to slow my pace by lengthening my stride and keeping my legs hip distance apart.

If I have been sitting for any length of time it takes me a while to loosen up, so first off I'm wobbly. I've also realised I was unconsciously keeping pace and stride pattern with my wife, who is shorter than me. When I stop doing this and lengthen my stride balance returns.

I do exercise every morning before breakfast and also throughout the day. When I make a hot drink I use the kitchen worktop as an anchor and do hip swirls and hula hoop turns. For more exercises to play with have a look at ataxiafightback.wordpress.com



Thanks Nigel. Always a pleasure. Best, N


Thanks. My mattress is crappy, I will chk this site out. N


At a guess you seem to have the same problem as I have. My posture is not so good due to my core not being that strong so plenty of core strength exercises. Look on the Internet or ask your doctor or physio.

I also find that sometimes if l sit to long in the same position my back aches until I get moving again. So sitting on long car jounrys is not too good.

I do thinks falls would make a difference unless you injured it in a fall.


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