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Last month I went solo from Tel Aviv to Heathrow to Oxford. In Oxford, I did all sorts of things like ride the bus, clambor up 3 flights to my husdand's apt. But I found the cobble stone streets not very conducive to me. From Heathrow I flew to JFK. Once in NYC, I met with an American P/T who I see from time to time. He told me that the "vest" we have all discussed is coming out in a new version, lighter and white. He says I need heavier weights. My understanding is that this also available in Denmark.

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  • Thanks for the info., Neta! I have the original black one and would like something lighter weight (and white) especially for the Summer months. I live in the US, in the state of Michigan and Summers can be beastly hot and humid here...,;o)

  • right.. then I am happy 4 u. Separate subject: What happened to LWA? Why r they broke? Why don they get Federal funds? What's the deal w them??

  • What are these vests & what do they do &

  • See:

    New Treatment Options for MS, Parkinsons, Ataxia Balance ...

    PS I do not have one but am thinking about it

  • Isn’t the purpose of these special vests to provide weight and help balance with that?

    If that is the case, what is the good of a lighter vest?

  • Not sure as I dont have one. But I did try on a black on. I think the weights are supposed to be heavy not necessarily the vests themselves.

  • Right, Neta! The weights attach to velcro inside the vest! Also, in terms of LWA, I'm not sure what's happened. I just Google the site and go from there occasionally...,;o)

  • I just commented and it vanished! So here goes again. I don't know why LWA is trying (hoping) to raise money from us. I would give them but don't they need millions? Arent their board of directors all Silicon Valley hi-tech types? Don't they get funds from NAF? Regarding the vest, does it work? (I think I have asked this before,)

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