One of the first things we notice as Ataxians is the loss of balance and an increase in wobbliness. This can cause us to walk less and to seek ways of supporting ourself whilst moving around. our GP or neurologist (should we have one) may ask us to stand on one leg with our eyes closed. This is difficult for a non ataxian, so doesn’t really prove anything. It does however confirm to us and the doctor that we are unstable and prone to wobbliness. More evidence to seek artificial support. and so we continue down the slippery slope to wheelchairhood........

to read more on this and watch some youtube videos of Feldenkrais exercises to help with balance visit ataxiafightback.wordpress.c...

i have also added some simple standing exercises in the kitchen! (No washing up or cooking involved!)


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  • Nigel,I found some balance exercises on YouTube which I found helpful. They were very difficult at first but I have improved gradually ( except for the tilting exercise which I find impossible so have given up trying)

    I will try to send you the link.

  • Thanks Don

    The more the merrier as this provides choice and we can pick those that suit us best.

    Look forward to getting the link.


  • Nigel, I tried to send it to but it wouldn't recognise the address. Any advice?


  • Sent you my email address in a message on this site.


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