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I am currently using a waker because of Ataxia and have recently become aware of the balance wear vest. I am thinking of being driven from my home in Victoria British Columbia Canda to be fitted for a vest. But before committing to such a tiring undertaking wish to get comments on the benefit/or not of users of the Vesr. I have viewed the videos and all the superlative testimonials and seek user comment. Does it deliver or is your vest languishing in your closet and why, is it comfortable etc.

Thank you for any and all comments.


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  • It is now November 1 or 2 in 2014. I tried the vest in NYC in the (previous) summer. It didnt help much or at all. I found the glorious testemonials (videos) totally unreal. I had tried the vest several months beore-- also not much help. Apparently, one has to be quite "bad" for it too work. My fitter was Dr. Stephen Kanter. It's black cotton thing--not uncomfortable at all--a longish vest with white markings here and there. The fitter, a PT, applies smallish, round or square weights using a Verlco material. My ideal added weight seemed to be 3/4 of a (US) pound placed in the upper back. I dont know why the thing costs so much. I think one is paying for the idea, not the product. Maybe others feels differently. I wish it worked.

    Maybe there is a trained PT nearer to you. Maybe it pays to "import" such a person. Doctors seem to know zero about it. Good luck!

  • Good question! - We are waiting for it to be available in UK....

  • Love

  • I have a BalanceWear vest and definitely walk better when wearing it, although I still use my cane when I leave my home. I find I write/print better too and have some residual effect when I take it off. It hasn't "cured" my ataxia but definitely helps me! ;o)

  • When did you buy it? Is it still useful? I mean if I buy it today and take it along with me at my home place, how long it will last? I am glad to know that it helped you in your routine life. Great

  • I wish it helped me. Maybe I will give it another try. N

  • Why? Didn't it helped u at all ? Have u purchased it ?

  • Someone I know has one. Apparently it was fine when she was first fitted,

    the weights were placed correctly. But, it seemed that even after a few weeks,

    there was a distinct change in its effectiveness, and she felt that the weights

    needed re-adjusting. We live here in the UK, she was fitted in the US, so I can

    imagine this won't be easy.

    I don't know how often the weights need adjusting, if at all. But, when you

    consider how variable Ataxia is, how you can actually feel better/worse at the

    drop of a hat, having easy access to the fitter would be an advantage. :-) xB

  • I still like my vest and find it helpful, although I find I wear it more in the cooler months as I have a tendency to get warm, especially during the Summer months. It's comfortable though. I do still use my cane when I leave my home. I've had it about 2 and 1/2 years now, as I bid on one at the silent auction during the National Ataxia Foundation (NAF) conference that was held in Detroit, Michigan in 2014. I won and ended up paying about 1/2 the price for it. I live in the US in the State of Michigan. I've never had my weights adjusted, although I've heard that sometimes you have to. It's not a "cure' for ataxia, just helps me walk better and feel more secure...,;o)

  • I have real problem walking where can u buy it

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