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Hi after a great weekend I have been feeling quite sick after each meal. Is this the norm with Ataxia or is this totally unrelated and maybe I need to see the Dr? I have been quite mobile in the morning but by the afternoon terribly unstable with head pressure and nausea. I thought I was beginning to feel great, maybe because I was totally distracted with my sons birthday but now the fun is over reality has hit me that this illness/disease or disability Is just getting worse and not going away anytime soon. Feeling a little crap.😷

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Hi Vion

Quick reply as I am on my way to bed. The nausea you describe is not the norm with ataxia and I would advise you to see your GP. There are many different causes of nausea-tiredness and anxiety may be contributing factors in your case-but I think it best to get it checked out.



Thanks I will book an appointment tomorrow. Night


Hi vion,

Sounds like tiredness caused my ataxia to me. That's how i feel if i overdo it. Prob best to check with your Dr though.

My neurologist told me its a form of migraine. When the nausea starts i either go straight to bed or take a migraine tablet (zolmitriptan) or usually both.

Unfortunately we are not just handicapped we are also ill. It's a case of learning how best to manage it.

I try to plan things and keep my energy for things that give me pleasure. I hope you enjoyed the fun for your son s birthday celebrations. Maybe Have some long afternoon sleeps for a few days and then you may be ready for some more fun😊

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Thanks, yes I have been really tired and have had to rest and take a few afternoon naps. I did visit the Dr she recommended Gaviscon after meals which has helped but I am so wobbly I surely must have overdone it. I simply sat on the living room floor today doing all my filing and paperwork. I felt good doing something but realise that it's all about managing things. I am going for afternoon tea and a Spa next week so will save my strength for that. Feeling a bit better 😊


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