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great to find a page i am 47 struggled many years looked at as if i am a alcoholic because of my balance treated like a clown because it affects my eyes and suffered depression would love to make friends with people who understand feel free to add me on face book for a chat look for stephen robbob royal would be great to have friends who understand daily life of cA sufferers

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I am not on Facebook but would gladly be your friend. I have C.A. and have had it for about twenty years. Most people do not understand how the simplest of tasks can be hard for us to do. I have just had some tests and am waiting for the results but I need a magic wand!


Dear Steve6168, A HUGE welcome to this site! I'm a 61 year young woman (a bit older then you...,ha!), diagnosed with Sporadic Cerebellar Ataxia eleven years ago (unknown cause/symptoms 24/7/progressive), although I had extremely small symptoms starting about eight years before diagnosis. I live in the US, the State of Michigan. Ataxia is very frustrating and challenging (as I'm sure you realize), but you are not alone in your journey! Although rare, there are are many wonderful people to share with! Sorry I'm not on Facebook, as I'd love to chat with you! Feel free to use this site! There is also a site in the US, "Living With Ataxia" that you may want to join. My best to you...,;o)


Was also 47 when diagnosed with CA.Understand your difficulties.Not many understand CA and this leads to us feeling isolated and peculiar.This is a very understandkiing website run by Ataxia UK.It has been very helpful to me as I don't feel as isolated.You are not alone with these symptoms.


Hi Stephen,

Welcome to this site. I am 49 and was diagnosed 5 years ago, but had problems for about 4 years before diagnosis.

I often feel isolated and like a weirdo but this site is great to realise you're not alone.

Feel free to chat on here anytime



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