Can I still have a 'gentle' pedicure ?

Hello all .

I used to have a gentle pedicure with a great beautician .

She never cut my nails or did any fancy foot heat boot treatments .

All she did was rub moisturiser into my feet nice lite massage .

Then filed my nails carefully - I chose my polish colour .

She would paint my nails for me and I would enjoy having nice toots !

My feet are pes cavus and club foot (born with them like this - Rubella)

They are painful and cramp has set in more with the ataxia .

My left foot has started to curl around more greater of late .

I am in the care of orthotics - have handmade shoes .

Am wondering can I ? still have the gentle pedicures ?

They were always something I enjoyed and looked forward to having .

I do take more hefty pain relief as it is needed with the ataxia in my legs and feet .

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  • Anna, this sounds a very relaxing procedure, it's not invasive, ask your doctor if

    you have serious doubts. Personally, I would love to have continuous reflexology!

    As it happens, I've got doubts of my own re a Beauty treatment. It's basically a deep facial, so also not invasive. But, recently I've had problems with vertigo, specifically

    when lying down/getting up. Even a visit to the dentist was traumatic.

    I'd booked this treatment without considering the practicalities. But on balance, I

    think I'll just grit my teeth and go for it :-) xB

  • Hi Anna, If you enjoy it so much, I'd say "go for it"! Sounds very relaxing and if it's non-invasive, I don't see how it could hurt you. As Beryl said, if you have serious doubts, check with your doctor first! ;o)

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