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Invitation to take part in a survey - Wheelchair users and London public transport

Invitation to take part in a survey - Wheelchair users and London public transport

Raquel Velho, a doctoral student at University College London in the field of Science and Technology Studies is planning to do PhD research on wheelchair users and London public transport

The work she is undertaking investigates the relationship between wheelchair users and London public transport, and the tactics these users adopt to navigate this network.

It asks, “How do wheelchair users find ways of using the London public transport system so as to better fit their capabilities?” To collect information, she would like to interview a wide range of wheelchair users to ask them how they experience public transport in London.

The interview would last approximately 1 hour, and can happen at a convenient location to you.

If you are be willing to volunteer, could you please email her at

- See more at:

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Hi Wyndham :-)

You'd think there'd be a good response to this!

I've recently graduated to a rollator, I haven't used public transport yet.

It'll be interesting to find out about experiences regarding wheelchair users.

Best wishes :-) xB


Having had to resort to my wheelchair for trips to the City, it is terribly difficult to access most forms of transport especially the tube system which is a huge no go area.

Recently, I have had two experiences where Charring cross has been closed and I have had to take a cab to St Pancreas station as I was unable to access the tube and Charring cross and the Strand were closed to traffic so no hope of a bus. There was no help or advice from staff at the station other that get the tube to St Pancreas although they eventually offered to call me a cab.

I was unable to use the return tickets from Charring Cross so there was added expense of new tickets from St Pancreas, a cab journey costing an extra £17 and a cab to our home station as our car was parked there. This happened twice.

I was given a claim form however when I received a reply I was told that I should've checked before I travelled as it was a planned closure so basically tough !!!!!!

London along with most places is not easily accessible for disabled people especially those in wheelchairs. Having said that, the staff at St Pancreas were extremely helpful and couldn't do enough for me.


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